Complaints Procedure

We at Worldline Immigration Lawyers Ltd are dedicated to providing our clients the highest standards of service. Despite our best efforts, we understand that there may be occasions where our service does not meet your expectations. If you wish to complain, we have established the following procedure to ensure your concerns are addressed promptly and resolved fairly.

Step 1: Raising Your Complaint
Please send your complaint in writing to our dedicated email address: Include as much detail as possible, such as any relevant dates, names of individuals involved, and a clear statement of the issues you have experienced. Additionally, please provide your case reference number if available, and specify the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Step 2: Acknowledgement of Your Complaint
Upon receipt of your complaint, we will send you an email acknowledging that we have received it and is under investigation. We aim to send this acknowledgement within three working days.

Step 3: Investigation Process
Your complaint will be reviewed thoroughly and impartially. We may need to contact you to clarify details or request additional information. The investigation will be conducted by a member of our team who was not directly involved in the matter you are complaining about to ensure an unbiased approach.

Step 4: Response
Once our investigation is complete, we will provide you with a detailed written response. This response will include our findings, any actions we have taken, and our proposals to resolve your complaint. We strive to respond to all complaints within 28 days of the acknowledgement.

Step 5: Further Action
If you are not satisfied with our initial response, please let us know, and a senior partner will review the matter. The senior partner will consider the complaint and the initial investigation to decide on the matter.

External Resources:
If you are dissatisfied with the final response or the complaint has not been resolved within eight weeks, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman or the regulatory body, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Please find the links below to their respective complaints handling procedures:

We sincerely hope that any issue you have can be resolved internally. However, we respect your right to seek external resolution if you deem it necessary.

Privacy and Confidentiality:
Please rest assured that all complaints are treated with the strictest confidentiality and do not affect the level of service you receive from us.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We value your feedback as it provides us with an opportunity to improve our services.

Date: 14th January 2024

Please be aware that this procedure is designed to provide a means for resolving complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. All complaints are taken seriously and are seen as a chance for us to reflect on our practices and client care. Your cooperation and understanding throughout this process are greatly appreciated. 10:13 +00:00 09:54 +00:00 09:54 +00:00 09:52 +00:00 16:31 +00:00 16:18 +00:00 16:09 +00:00 16:05 +00:00 16:02 +00:00 15:57 +00:00 15:55 +00:00 15:53 +00:00 15:50 +00:00 12:41 +00:00 12:39 +00:00 12:37 +00:00 12:35 +00:00

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